Student Housing Purchases

We often hear about students who want to rent student housing when they move to a college. But we rarely hear about how you can make money off those students by making shrewd investments. Students will need a place to stay when they are coming to a college town. And it is especially true if the college has grad students, because they are older and tend not to want to live in the dorms. And this is where you can make money, by owning an entire building that offers student housing. Many would say this is the safest real estate investment you can make.

Why is it such a safe investment? Because when you are dealing with student housing, you are putting your money into a sure thing. Even if you have to take out student housing loans in order to get the property under your ownership, it is no issue. You will make your money back in no time, and then you will have plenty of profit in the coming years. The fact is that students will always need a place to live, especially if you are in an area where there are highly rated colleges.

Even if the economy is not doing so good, colleges these days do not experience too many issues. Their admission rates are rarely more than 15 or 20 percent, which means there are a ton of students who do not even get in. Even if you had years where less students applied, they would be able to fill their spots in quick time. And when they fill all those spots, you have potential renters who will need a place to stay. The rate of rent may vary based on the market, but you will always have occupancy, and that is one of the primary reasons this is such a great investment.